Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pepped-up Peanut Butter

"Heather, you know, your peanut butter is pretty tasteless." 

"That's because you're used to Skippy, mom. This is real peanut butter, remember, like the kind you used to buy when I was a kid?"

"Well it doesn't taste very good."

When my mom stayed with me for two weeks after my baby was born, we stopped being polite and started getting real about peanut butter. I buy freshly ground peanuts with nothing added, which can be different from the jar of creamy peanut butter with added salt and sugar that you might buy at the store. I personally don't think it is tasteless, I think it tastes great, but my mom didn't agree. It occurred to me that if you want to transition to a cleaner diet but your tastebuds (or those of your kids) are used to the sweeter flavors of commercial peanut butters, making the switch could result in a revolt. My solution? Cinnamon!

I opened my cupboard one day and saw my trusty cinnamon, which I love because it reduces blood sugar and tastes so yummy. I sprinkle it on apples and peaches all the time. On a whim,  I sprinkled it in my natural peanut butter to yummy results. 

I added some ground cloves as well, and stirred it all up. It is so good and I doubt anyone would call my peanut butter tasteless anymore. 

Cinnamon doesn't just pep up my peanut butter. It lowers blood sugar, lowers cholesterol, reduces inflammation, and more. Check out these health benefits of cinnamon and sprinkle some in your life today!

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