Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pop Quiz: What's your state body fat percentage?

We're getting a big fat F in health, ya'll.  Emphasis on, "fat."

A recent report from the Trust for America's Health has some sobering data about our national health. Try this on for (plus) size:
  • 12 states now have obesity rates over 30% (that's 11 more than four years ago, btw).
  • Colorado has the lowest obesity rate in the nation...and that prize is only because they're under 25%.
  • Diabetes rates have doubled in eight states, and hypertension has increased in every single state.
Click here to read the full report, check the stats for your state, and learn about recommendations made for changing this scary trend.

This news is like a knife in my heart. I know there are resources out there to help spread knowledge and provide education about living healthier lives because some of you have shared your local champions with me.  A few examples:

Feeding South Florida, a mobile food pantry that travels the streets of South Florida to help end hunger and poor nutrition.  Thanks to Ellen for this resource!

Mississippi in Motion, a 12-week fitness program sponsored by the Mississippi State University Extension Office

Whole Child Leon, an online community designed to help let children thrive in their health. They created the 95210 philosophy, which I adopted into my family in June.

These are three examples of communities taking back their health, but I want more. Send them to me, and I will compile them so we can refer our friends, neighbors, and community leaders to outlets near them that can help.

The only people who really change the world are those who are just crazy enough to believe they can. Let change start with us. Leave me a comment with a link to a local resource working to end obesity in your community. Please, let's make change happen!

Get out there and get healthy!


Anonymous said...

Shoot my first comment didn't show up. We have a lot of good things going on in Nebraska. Teach a Kid to Fish (Lincoln) and Live Well Omaha. At the medical society we are also trying to reach out to physicians regarding childhood obesity through our Childhood Obesity Prevention Project, among other public health initiatives. Not sure what Nebraska's numbers are but as a leading beef producer in the state, I'm sure we have work to do! It will take a community effort to combat obesity...Carole

Anonymous said...

Um, that was leading beef producer in the nation. :)