Thursday, July 7, 2011

Step into the Spotlight: the WwoP 2012 Calendar!

Ever imagine yourself as a pin-up?  Here's your chance!

I am thrilled to announce a fun challenge for all of us and a new Wellness Without Pity product to help make your 2012 healthier than ever: a calendar!

What, you don't think calendars are fun and exciting?  Well, when you use your calendar the way I use mine, it becomes your best friend. I hang mine on my pantry door and put a sticker on each day that is healthy and active.  As the month progresses, and my stickers smile back at me, I am not only motivated to keep up my good work, I'm able to notice trends and patterns when I am...not so healthy. It's been a fabulous tool for my weight maintenance and training goals, so I've decided to make one of my own, starring YOU!

Each month of the Wellness Without Pity 2012 calendar will feature fitness tips, recipes, and a success story about someone (you) who has increased their health in a dramatic way through clean eating and exercise.  That could be you!  Here's what you have to do to be considered:

1. Set a wellness goal to accomplish by September 15, 2011.  It could be related to weight loss, training for an event like a 5k, reducing your dependence on medication, etc.  Post a comment on this entry with a description of your goal and email heather (at) wellnesswithoutpity (dot) com a "before" picture to announce your candidacy!

2. Get to work accomplishing your goal!  Clean up your diet, get moving, and get it done! 

3. By September 15, email your results and an "after" picture, along with a short account of your experience.  Brag away!

I'll announce the winners in late September and, naturally, open my website for advance orders of the calendar.  I'm sure you'll want to buy one for all of your friends and family for Christmas this year. :)

I'm pumped and I hope you are too!  So, tell me - what's your goal?

Get out there and get healthy!


Pam said...

I'm going vegetarian, but I don't know how I could portray that in a photo. Before: holding a chicken leg. After: holding a celery stick. LOL

Christy said...

Okay, Heather. I'm really going to do this, and having a public record helps. Shame works well on me, you know. :)

My goals--

(1) There are ten weeks to this challenge, so by losing 2 pounds per week, I'd like to be down 20 pounds by Sept. 15 and (2) back into my closet-full of nice work-clothes.

I'm ashamed to say that while I telecommuted this past year I put on almost thirty five pounds. I rarely got out of my pajamas most days. (YIKES!) Now that I'm back in an office setting, I've been wearing clothes that I HATE this summer because I simply no longer fit into the nice stuff. :( It's ridiculous...and I refuse to buy a whole new wardrobe when I have a perfectly good one waiting on me.
(3) I used to be a gym-nut and rarely missed a day on the stairmaster. For the past year, I've dwindled-down to one day per week...and not even that sometimes now. My third and final goal is to, weekly, be able to say that I've worked-out in some form or fashion, light stuff or heavy, each and every day.

Thanks for the challenge! I'm not posting a scary picture here but will send you one tonight. Ugh. haha

By the way, your "word verification" for this post was "blech." hee hee hee

Laura said...

Public humiliation followed by applause and acclaim might be just the ticket to keep me focused. The timing is perfect as I'm headed to see friends in Zurich on the 17 of September and I can show off myself 10 lbs lighter. I have another 10 on the other side of that but the first 10 are always the hardest.
So, by September 15th I'll have dropped that 10lbs, and I'll be back into my favorite suit.
I do SEAL Team PT (at least I should) so I'm committing to 5 days/week of that plus biking one weekend day. That should not help with the weight but get me to my goals of 50 pushups, 100 situps (in 2 minutes) a pull up and a sub 15min 1.5 mil run.
Thanks for the inspiration and motivation!
I'll be sending my "before" picture for you.

Paula Kiger said...

I can't imagine inspiring anyone with my mug on a calendar but I want to break 30 minutes for a 5K! Picture coming your way! - Paula (@biggreenpen)

Achieving the Kimpossible said...
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Kim said...

This is exactly what I need to get my act together. As others have previously posted, public motivation (shame) may be the way to go. Considering I have already- not once, but twice this year- avoided seeing very good friends due to my embarrassment of my current appearance, means I need to change up my strategy NOW. I exercise regularly, if regularly means P90X and Insanity, but my diet has always been the problem. My goal is to cut out booze and ALL processed food starting NOW to ultimately achieve weight loss. I went to culinary school so I actually know how to cook food that Healthy Heather would eat. :)

I will send a “lovely” picture of me after a workout for your calendar consideration.

(I had to repost to remove my blog spot.)

Healthy Heather said...

I love it! Your goals are all excellent and doable and I am thrilled that you're game for some healthy change. I can't wait to cheer you on and get your email! :)