Monday, July 25, 2011

The Club Meeting

You never know what you'll find in a hotel gym. I forgot my hat today, a cardinal sin for me, so anyone who found me there was subjected to not only my morning face but also my morning hair. People think having a pixie cut is super-easy and low-maintenance, but in reality you end up waking up with a mohawk, which I tried to flatten with water before heading downstairs for a nice stroll on the treadmill. I was moderately successful but I still looked really bad.

Today I found someone who happily talked my ear off as much as I talked to her about exercise, fitness, and being "that person," who brings their own food everywhere. She was in the military, so carrying her insulated lunch bag was a little more difficult than mine, which I just store in the office fridge or leave in my car with a bunch of ice.

It was a nice reminder that people are out there every day doing what it takes to maintain (or achieve) great levels of health, even if it means toting around an insulated lunch bag during military drills. I got to meet another member of the great community of wellness, and we had a little club meeting right there in the gym, which was the perfect start for my day.

Inspirations to be healthy can be found just about anywhere, in people who emulate great behaviors and in people who remind you of what you don't want to do. Look around today and see what inspirations are around you, and soak them in.  Be part of the community, and call a club meeting of your own!
In other words, get out there and get healthy!

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