Monday, May 16, 2011

Not Buyin' It

On Friday I was listening to NPR, as usual, and heard this report on the new "regulations" that will be imposed on food marketers in five years or so, related to how they can market junk food to kids.  It was all about how the "regulations," (in quotes because they're pretty much optional) are not likely to make much of a difference in how food is marketed to kids, and what a shame it is.

And it is a shame.

But here's the thing - the whole time I was listening, nodding, and pumping my fist while grimacing at my radio, one thought was going through my mind:

Just don't buy it.  Don't buy the crap!

Food marketers spend a lot of money selling food to kids.  But the last time I was at the grocery store, all of the people pushing the buggies and swiping the debit cards were adults.  I don't know any kids who are making the grocery list, going to the store, and buying the family's food for the week ahead.  Guess what: it doesn't make one lick of difference what the food marketers say. YOU CHOOSE. 

I have a kiddo, I know how it is.  They have their sweet little faces and they use their magic words and you love them.  Uh huh.  Been there!

Here's how to limit the number of times your darling angel asks if he can please, pretty please, clog his arteries with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil:

1. Turn off the TV and radio.  Listen to your iPod.  DVR your shows and fast forward through commercials. Watch PBS. The only food I've seen advertised there is raisins.

2. Learn about nutrition so you can explain why you're saying no. 

3. Remember, they may hold the air time, but you hold the wallet.

Food marketing regulations may not go into effect for five years, but you can start creating a healthy family now! 

Good day!


'Drea said...

Good for you.

One of former colleagues agreed with a woman who was suing McDonalds regarding her child's obesity. He said the Happy Meals with toys tied to movies made it virtually impossible to say no to his kids.

I disagreed and still do...

Healthy Heather said...

Impossible to say no...I'll agree any day that I don't like saying no to my child, but I still do it! *shaking head*