Tuesday, February 28, 2012

King-sized Candy Bars Dethroned

I read two things last week that made my head spin:

1. Taco Bell is going to start making a taco shell made from Doritos.
2. Mars is going to stop making king-sized candy bars.

The first was one of those, "seriously?" moments, like when I first read about Paula Deen's doughnut burger or whoever it was that made the hamburger bun out of fried chicken. Hardees? I can't remember. I blocked it from my psyche.

The second, though, was a little light at the end of a very, very long and dark tunnel. It kinda restored my faith in the hope that someday we might be able to dig ourselves out of the nutritional land mine we've created and reverse from our culture of food excess. 

Naturally, skeptics assume that this move is really just a cost-saving strategy for the company but really, who cares if it is? In the same way I am willing to believe that Paula Deen wants to cook healthier food, I can get on board with a candy company pretending that it cares about the nutrition of children if it helps us make the nutrition of children better. 

To create a positive environment, you have to look for the positive!

But of course, neither of these news stories impact us anyway, right? Because we would never eat at Taco Bell or consider a 500-calorie candy bar to be a snack. Hopefully, for every Doritos shell sold, there will be two fewer king-size candy bars produced and it will all even out.

Right? :) Hey, a girl can dream!

Get out there and get healthy today, even if the person next to you is eating at Taco Bell.


E. Peterman said...

Just thinking about Taco Bell makes my stomach hurt.

Healthy Heather said...

I know, and to think I used to eat there! Remembering what that "meat" looked like makes me feel queasy.