Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Five Half Marathon Lessons

Not my fastest, not my slowest,
but I ran the whole way!
Top Five Things I Realized During the Tallahassee Half Marathon on Sunday:

1. This race is a lot more fun when I am running (and talking) with my friend Edie. I missed you, girl! You have to run with me next year!

2. It takes a few extra safety pins, but it is possible to cover your muffin top with your race number. However, stuffing your fuel belt with chap stick and a granola bar and then wearing it under your shirt like I did totally negates the slimming effect.

3. Apparently, based on the number of people who referred to me as, "man,"  I look like a boy from the back. 

4. Fatigue makes a difference! The baby got up twice in the night before the race, and I felt it in every step.  I think I was rounding mile 1 when I started having to talk myself through the race. I thought my body had adapted to less sleep but I guess that only counts for folding laundry and running errands, not running 13 miles.  :)

5. Even when I run slow, even when I run badly, even when I am exhausted and bored and lonely, and even when I am mistaken for a boy, crossing the finish line on a race of that distance always makes me feel really proud. I've come a long way as a runner and an athlete and I feel very thankful to be able to run 13.1 like it ain't no thang.

One month to go before the Mardi Gras Half Marathon! My finishing time on Sunday was 2:15:54 (my watch, not theirs), so hopefully I can shave a little off of that and finish a little faster in March.  2:05 would look very nice!

I'll get started on that tomorrow. Today, the way I am getting out there and getting healthy is by taking a nap!


Paula Kiger said...

Great observations, Heather! I think it is a huge accomplishment, and your five points are all true. Especially fatigue - it is taking me a while but I am close to giving up on putting everything ahead of sleep. My body's gotta rebuild while I rest so I can get stronger. DUH.

Lynn smith said...

Your body is still rebuilding from your pregnancy, I think you did amazing!

Healthy Heather said...

Thanks guys! It felt good to do the distance and now I can focus on getting faster!