Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Birthday Workout: 36 of everything!

I turn the big 3-6 this week so naturally I'm hard at work coming up with a totally awesome birthday workout. I love my get-it-started workouts! I always start every new chapter with a great workout especially designed for what's coming up, and as a result I launch myself full-steam ahead with an energy that can't be beat! I consider birthdays to be our own personal New Year, so I've been making some goals.

Last weekend, I worked on my vision board for the year ahead. Among other things, I am going to be focusing on expanding my coaching business, enjoying the rest of my maternity leave, finally nailing that sub-two-hour half marathon, and get more into plyometrics. The bulk of my year, though, revolves around becoming a better coach. I've only had my vision board for less than a week and already the positive energy is radiating into my life and motivating me to take the actions necessary to make these dreams come true. It's amazing!

But back to the workout. In honor of my plyometric and strength goals for the year, I am going to be doing 36 of some fundamental exercises that have made me stronger over the past few months. That means 36 squat jumps, 36 high knees (ugh), 36 burpees, and 36 push-ups even though push-ups are plyometrics. Then six miles to run (not 36, thank God), and I'm done! I can't wait until Friday so I can press play on what is going to be a very interesting year.

I keep hearing myself say that I'm having my best year ever, and I've been saying that for at least two years now. Since my birthday falls in the middle of the year, I consider "my" year to be the second half of one and first half of the next. 2009-10 kind of sucked, 2010-11 was incredible, and 2011-12 has been pretty darn great. I have a really good feeling about 2012-13. Each year I learn more about myself,   simplify things a little more, and set better boundaries around the priorities that keep my life focused on the relatively few things that really matter to me. It's a good system and one that I look forward to fine-tuning to even greater success next year.

But that's enough babbling on about myself. How do you celebrate healthy milestones? What traditions (or superstitions) do you have about new chapters? I'm getting out there and getting healthy this week in the name of my personal new year. What's your celebration?

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