Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weight of the Nation: Watch it!

Inch by inch, step by step, we as a country are starting to clue in to the massive impact of how and what we eat on our health. The veil is being removed and gradually, we are being forced to deal with the impact of our nutrition choices on our bodies, and more sobering, on the bodies of our children. To hear that today's kids are the first generation likely to have a shorter life span than their parents is a wake-up call. To see overweight kids on the playground is heartbreaking. And to know that it can all be prevented through simple education and discipline is enough to keep me up at night. It does, regularly. I feel near panic on a daily basis about the health of our country and my potential role in helping to solve the problem.

But enough about my neurosis.  I'm hoping that you will take time to watch the HBO documentary, The Weight of the Nation, and think about what you can do, too. It is a four-part series and it is free to non subscribers to view at 

Here's the trailer:

Please watch, and then ask yourself what is more important: the instant gratification of a fast food meal or sugary snack or the lifelong impacts to your health as a result of eating the way we have for the past thirty years. It might sound dramatic, and that's because it is. We have dramatically changed as a population, and we need dramatic action to reverse the trend.

I feel called to be part of the solution. That's why I coach, blog, write, and promote health every day and in my every action. You can be part of it too. It just takes one decision: yours. One of the people profiled in the first part of the film said it perfectly when recounting how he lost over 150 lbs (and has more to go): it boils down to making a decision of what you will do and what will happen. This is in our hands to change, and we can!

Get out there and get healthy The Weight of the Nation and decide how.

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