Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sabotage City On the MOVE!

Mississippi in Motion is a 12-week program
focused on healthier lifestyles.
 On Monday I lamented about my frustration after a visit to what I call a "sabotage city": a place where even with education about how to live a healthy lifestyle, lack of access to a variety of healthy food products sabotages its residents and keeps them locked down in a cycle of obesity and disease.

Then, yesterday I saw this video on Twitter.  It shares the news of a health campaign called Mississippi in Motion, which aims to increase the health of Mississippi residents through education and events around the state to promote wellness.  If you're a Mississippi resident, as many of my close friends are, please check it out!

And if you don't live in Mississippi, send it to someone who does or someone who knows someone who does. 

Sabotage Cities are everywhere, and I know this is only a drop in the bucket in what we can do about them, but it's better than what I had on Monday!

Please share this!

Good day!

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