Monday, January 4, 2010


Did I miss a week? I think I missed a week. I think I forgot to update this blog last Monday, which would make the first time in two years that I completely skipped a week. Sure, I've been late from time to time but I've never just completely blown it off. But last week I did.

And I don't feel bad about it. Weird.

I think that may be a sign of how 2010 might be. 2009 was an intense year; I fought some internal battles, won some external battles, stretched my limits, and had a few epiphanies. This year, I'd like to do all of the above to the power of 150. 2009 was awesome from a wellness perspective, and I anticipate that 2010 will be just the same, but hopefully with fewer sinus infections.

Goals? Yeah, I have some. Mostly maintenance from a body perspective, albeit with a few upgrades. Steady progress in the physical prowess department with a sprint triathlon scheduled for April and goals to increase my upper body strength so I can bench more and pull myself over the wall at the Women's Tri-Fitness Fall Challenge in November. But my main focus will be in empire-building. It's high time I start practicing what I preach and get certified. It's a goal I have had for far too long and I'm tired of talking about it. Finding time to study for all of the required exams will be challenging, but I'll find a way.

I had my first workout with Captain Awesome this morning after a week and a half of recovering from the one-two punch of traveling between Florida allergies to Louisiana allergies and back to Florida allergies in the span of a week. Translation: hell on earth. It was great to be back in the gym (kudos on the renovations, Steve, they look great so far) and even better to finally move my body again. Bike intervals, elliptical, a nice 3 mile run in the freezing cold morning air, and some chest, bicep, and hamstring work that woke up my system and reminded these old lazy bones that we're back in business. Everyone was in a good mood, there was great energy from the New Resolutioners, and it felt like coming home.

I have a great outlook on 2010, I just have a butterfly feeling like things are going to be outrageously great. I hope you'll join me in making 2010 the year that we not only elevate our own personal states of wellness, but uncover layers of happiness that we didn't even know existed. Cheers!

Now enough of this belly-rubbing. Get out there and move those lazy bones.

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Carole said...

I couldn't agree more - 2010 is going to be a FABULOUS year. Thanks, Heather, for being such a great inspiration!