Monday, April 13, 2009

I Got Nothing

The past couple of weeks have been great for my training. I've been getting a lot of good cardio, changing things up in the gym, and finding time to squeeze in a little more time to work out each day. I know that I have a limited amount of time to prepare for the obstacle course in November, and have been walking that fine line between doing just enough and wearing myself out. And so far I am keeping my New Years resolution to pay more attention to when I need to rest!

So I felt really proud of myself when, on Friday morning, I decided to listen to my body and not do any extra cardio. I've been in the habit of running about 3 miles after my weights in the nice cool weather. But on Friday, after a few steps, I just wasn't into it. I went home and promised myself I would make it up at lunch.

But by lunchtime, a list of things to get done before leaving for a weekend away had grown as long as my arm, and cardio unfortunately was not on it. I didn't worry about it, because I knew I would get some early-morning miles in while staying at my sister's house. I confidently packed my sneakers in my suitcase and looked forward to a new running route.


Over the weekend I traveled home to New Orleans, a place where I am repeatedly reminded of how insanely hard it is to be healthy in a culture based on indulgence, decadence, and, well, the worship of unhealthy food. The whole personality of New Orleans is laissez les bon temps rouler, which is... kind of the opposite of me. But we do our best.

My first priority upon waking up on Saturday was to go for a run. I had mapped out the streets of my sister's neighborhood in my head and couldn't wait for some "me time." But, fate conspired against me. Instead, I watched the finish line of the Crescent City Classic, a 10k race that happens annually through the Garden District and City Park of New Orleans. The morning news was covering the finish of the race, and it was fun to see the New Orleans characters running in costume and having a ball like always. Where else will you read about runners who split into teams and see who can first cross the finish line with an empty keg? Although I did feel bad for the poor girl who happened to be finishing the race just as a local newsman began his coverage, and ended up being front and center on live television when she lost her lunch 3 feet from him.

And it made me want to go running.

Then my brother showed up, looking taller than I remembered and about 30 lbs lighter. "I've been running about 5 miles a day and doing a lot of weights," he told me when interrogated on the absence of his beer belly. Seems the single life is agreeing with him.

I wanted to go running.

The rest of the weekend proceeded pretty much the same way. I stayed busy, but never really took my eyes off of a chance to skip out and help myself to some of the free endorphins that were just laying around all over the street for anyone to take. But Saturday came and went and I never did get my run.

On Sunday, I had plans to get up early and hit the pavement before anyone woke up. But unfortunately, I didn't wake up either. At least, not until I realized that my son was awake and the Easter Bunny had not yet hopped through the living room. So alas, my running shoes stayed in the suitcase wondering why I bothered to bring them on this trip if I wasn't going to let them have any fun.

I arrived back home resigned to a lesson that I know everyone will groan at - NEVER SKIP YOUR CARDIO THINKING YOU WILL MAKE IT UP LATER! :) Yeah, I know I was right to rest when I wasn't feeling up to a workout, and most of me doesn't regret it. But, I have to admit that a little voice in my head keeps reminding me that I should have done it while I had the chance. Oh, well.

This morning was a cardio feast, and I got seconds and thirds. The rest of the week promises more of the same, and I am looking forward to building up a nice little stockpile of treadmill time just in case life interrupts me again.

Which means I better wrap this up and hit the pavement. Have a great week!


Michael said...

Are you sure you are not Catholic? So much guilt.....

H F said...

LOL, no, just Polish. :)