Wellness Coaching

I'm a WellCoaches Certified Wellness Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and fitness competitor dedicated to helping you become the most physically fit and healthy version of yourself possible.

Why Wellness Coaching?

Wellness is about more than just what you eat and how many calories you burned. Total body health requires a connection between everything in your life: stress, sleep quality, relationships, professional goals, family values…and yes, what you eat and how many calories you burned. By connecting these elements, we develop a holistic approach to health that builds a foundation upon which we can achieve even more in our fitness. Certified wellness coaches help make those connections.

Have you ever felt that there’s more to your fitness, but you can’t quite visualize what it is? A wellness vision can bring it into view.

Do you ever wish that you could find a way to finally squash those bad habit triggers for good? Developing effective and unique behaviors tailored to your personality and life can make the difference.

Are you ever tired of struggling to keep up with the frantic pace of today’s world and wish you could slow down, enjoy life, and focus on your most valued priorities? Holistic wellness provides that opportunity.

Wellness coaching provides the guidance, perspective, accountability, and support to:
  • bust through a fitness rut,
  • achieve greater health goals,
  • make or strengthen the mind-body connection,
  • and understand what self-defeating patterns may exist that are holding you back, and then create the tools to change them for good.
Take your fitness to the next level with a certified wellness coach. Ask me today how you can balance your life and let your true priorities take center stage!

My Style

Wellness Without Pity I believe in the concept of wellness without pity: my personal way of saying that we are going to achieve your goals together by focusing on the positive attributes you naturally possess to achieve them. We’re going to accept the past, learn from our missteps, and move forward towards success with confidence and a healthy focus on reality.

Present, Positive, and High Energy I will be present with you, I will be positive with you, and I will be energetic with you (but not in an annoying way). We will celebrate your victories and anticipate future success through visualization, reflection, and strategic planning. And if it doesn’t work right away, well, we’ll just adjust until it does.

Focused on What Works  Doing the same things but expecting different results…well that’s just crazy! We’ll create goals and action plans together based on your needs and preferences, and then execute, evaluate, and retool as needed to make sure they yield success at every turn.


American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer

WellCoaches, Inc. Certified Wellness Coach

Working Well, Inc.
Board President, Working Well, Inc.

Below is a sample of my services, but wellness coaching is a very personal process. Let's talk about your goals and make a plan that works for your life.

Personal Wellness Coaching Tell me about your life, your dreams, your goals, your old military uniform, and that little black dress. We'll drill down to what health means for you, and create some smart goals for getting there. Then, we'll customize the map to meet your time and resources. Where do you want to be six months from now?

Wellness Vision and Goals Creation (90 minute session) $175 

60-minute Follow-up Sessions
·       Weekly $275 / month
·       Bi-weekly $160 / month
·       Monthly  $  85 / month

Wellness Coaching Packages (includes Wellness Vision and Goals Creation)
·       The Jump Start: Wellness Vision Session plus meet once a week for 4 weeks $375
o   Add a week: $70
·       The Reboot: Wellness Vision Session plus meet twice a month for 12 weeks $475
o   Add a month (2 sessions) $160
·       The Plunge: Wellness Vision Session plus meet once a week for 12 weeks $750
o   Add a month (4 sessions) $250

Establishing long-term wellness is a personal thing. If you don’t see your solution here, let me know and we can customize something for your needs.

Other Fun Stuff:
  • Pantry Makeover $180 - Sure, you need to eat healthy, but it's not always that easy to figure out what to eat. Well, give me your pantry and you'll never look at a food package the same. We'll talk about how food needs to work for you: your likes, dislikes, time, budget, and more...and learn exactly what all those ingredients really mean for healthy goals.

  • Grocery Shop $180 - Never go to a grocery store hungry, and never go without knowledge about how to shop smart and healthy. I'll come with you and show you my tips and tricks for getting in and out in record time, on budget, and with a buggy full of food that will get you closer to a healthier life!

  • Pantry/Shop Combo $325

Group Wellness Coaching  Building supportive communities is a key function of permanent wellness change. By joining forces with friends to get healthier together, the journey is so much more fun!  Built-in accountability, a support system you can depend on, and new depth to your friendships are just a few of the rewards of group wellness coaching. This program works best in person; teams of no more than four.

Group Wellness Vision (120-minute session) $100 per person

60-minute Monthly Group Coaching Sessions
  • 3 months $ 95 per person, per month
  • 6 months $ 75 per person, per month 
  • 12 months $65 per person, per month
Family Wellness Coaching Are you making one dinner for your family and "diet food" for yourself? Wouldn't it be nice if everyone was on the same page, working towards the same goal, and getting healthier together? You may have different reasons for getting healthy, but that doesn't mean you have to do it alone. We'll work together to visualize, create, and work towards a family wellness plan with the same enthusiasm that you put into planning a family vacation....only this vacation never ends!

Family Wellness Vision (120-minute session) $350

60-minute Monthly Family Coaching Sessions
  • 3 months $ 600
  • 6 months $ 800
  • 12 months $1200
Corporate Wellness Management
Its proven: wellness in the workplace affects your employee morale, productivity, and the bottom line. Whether your organization needs radical change or just a boost, a workplace wellness program benefits everyone.  Creation and management of workplace wellness plans is based on your organization's size and goals; contact me for more information. 

Ready to begin your wellness journey? Email me at heather (at) wellnesswithoutpity (dot) com.